The farm Gnidica lies on the left bank of the Sava River, between Sevnica and Blanca, specifically in Lončarjev Dol. The farm has supported three generations of our family: grandfather Tone and grandmother Jožica, farm manager and his wife Branka, and our children, daughter Petra and son Urban. The main activities on the farm are horse and pig farming. We are most are recognizable by our Mangalica pigs which graze freely on the surrounding pastures all year round. Grandfather Tone was the first who started with meat production for home use, and since 2008 we have also been dealing intensively with production and sales on marketplaces. In addition to meat production on the farm we also bake homemade bread in the wood-fired oven, bake cakes and other baked goods. All our products can be found in several stores and markets in Slovenia.
On the farm we are dealing with the processing of meat in the old traditional way and with baking bread in a wood-fired oven. We also bake all kinds of »potica« and jam doughnuts and we make our own pasta. The presentation of our farm is with prior notice available to tourists and they are also offered the tasting of our products. To the kindergarten children and the children from schools we gladly show how to bake bread in the old traditional way.



When you visit us at the marketplace you can place an order for next time.

Our products can be found in several stores in Slovenia:
• in bigger branches of agricultural cooperative Trebnje
• in hypermarkets and supermarkets Mercator
• in Domača štacuna in Celje
• in Izidor store in Sevnica
• in agricultural cooperative Izlake.

The products we offer can be purchased at our farm from Monday to Friday. The store is open from 7 am to 5 pm.
The bread and other goods baked in our wood-fired oven are also used by local kindergartens (in Sevnica, Krško and Radeče) and schools (OŠ Boštanj, OŠ Radeče, OŠ Krmelj, OŠ Krško) to diversify their menus with some authentic homemade Slovenian bread.


You can find out more about our beginnings by reading a quick overview of important events related to our farm.

Take over and expansion of the farm
The farm is took over by Jože and his wife Branka. They expand it and start dealing with processing of dried-meat products and wood-fired oven delicacies.
March 12
The beggining of sales
We start selling our products at local markets and fairs. The sales are expanded, because our customers are extremely satisfied with our products.
March 11
Selling the products in stores
The recognisability of the farm starts growing and we start selling the products in smaller and bigger stores.
March 10
Our own web store
Because we would like to offer something new and special to our customers, we decide we will expand our range of products onto the world wide web where our delicious.
March 09